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At Advance: The Disability Consultants our Autism Academia Workshops helps universities, graduate schemes & HR & Recruitment Professionals successfully support autistic graduates transitioning from education to graduate schemes. Our workshops cover a wide range of topics varying from soft skills training to how to successfully line manage autistic graduates in the workplace. Our workshops typically comprise scenario based breakout tasks, debates and test your knowledge quizzes. We offer the following workshops:

  • CV writing skills workshops for autistic graduates and networking opportunities with employers. 

  • Interview skills training days for employers and autistic graduates seeking employment. 

  • Job application training days for autistic graduates, explaining what employers are typically looking for when hiring new talent into their organisation.

  • Soft skills training for autistic graduates and employers on how autistic talent can flourish in your organisation. 

  • Workshops on how to manage the transition from Education to Employment from the perspectives of autistic graduates.

  • What employers must do to ensure that autistic graduates can actively flourish in their organisation. 

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