At Advance: The Disability Consultants we offer  Dyspraxia Lunch & Learn workshops tailored to your organisational requirements. Our interactive training sessions on Dyspraxia are designed to  cover the essentials of your chosen topic. Our workshops typically include breakout tasks, mind mapping exercises, debates, and quizzes. Our Lunch and Learn workshops typically last 60-90 minutes. No fancy language or difficult terms. Just, simple, practical advice to help your organisation on your journey to becoming a Neurodiversity Confident Employer. As an organisation we offer the following core Lunch & Learn Topics on Dyspraxia:

  • An Introduction to Dyspraxia

  • Dyspraxia & Employment

  • Dyspraxia & Neurodiversity

  • Dyspraxia & Reasonable Adjustments

  • Dyspraxia & The Recruitment Process

  • My journey with Dyspraxia