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Our vision is to bridge the divide between organisations and the Neurodivergent community to improve employment opportunities for those who are Neurodivergent. Currently, there is a wealth of untapped talent within the Neurodivergent community that employers are not yet benefiting from. At Advance we use our expertise and experience to help your organisation become "Neurodiversity Confident" allowing you to develop strategies and adaptations in the workplace for Neurodivergent talent to thrive. At Advance are workshops and programmes benefit organisations in the following ways:

  • We help your organisation understand better the needs of employees who are Neurodivergent.

  • Support employees who are Neurodivergent to achieve their potential.

  • We make a difference to your organisation through a comprehensive training and development plan tailored to your organisational requirements.

  • We help with delivering organisational change to your existing organisational processes and policies so that they are Neuroinclusive.

  • We deliver sustainable change to your organisational employee lifecycle process so that it is setup to successfully support Neurodivergent talent in your organisation.

If you are wondering how your organisation might benefit from our support please get in contact with us so we can start the journey of making your organisation "Neurodiversity Confident".

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