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At Advance: The Disability Consultants we offer  Neurodiversity Lunch & Learn workshops designed to start the conversation around Neurodiversity in your organisation. Our interactive training sessions are designed to be short, sharp and cover the essentials of your chosen topic. Our workshops typically include breakout tasks, mind mapping exercises, debates, and quizzes. Our Lunch and Learn workshops typically last 60-90 minutes. No fancy language or difficult terms. Just, simple, practical advice to help your organisation start your journey to becoming Neurodiversity Confident. As an organisation we can support your organisation by delivering:

  • Neurodiversity training tailored to your organisational requirements and objectives.


  • Support with sourcing, hiring and onboarding Neurodivergent talent into your organisation.

  • Training focused on changing group and individual beliefs, values and attitudes towards Neurodiversity in the workplace and society. 

  • Support with delivering and implementing a Neurodiversity recruitment strategy in your organisation.

  • Support with the implementation of a Neurodiversity and Autism Employee Resource Group or Network in your organisation.


  • Supporting customer facing organisations with ensuring that their products, services and policies are easily accessible for those who are Neurodivergent.

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