At Advance: The Disability Consultants we offer a range of services from bespoke 'Lunch & Learn' training sessions to specialist project and consultancy work.


At Advance we offer Autism 'Lunch and Learn' workshops to your organisational requirements. We provide a range of sessions from an introduction to autism to specialist interview skills and job application training. All of our sessions are interactive and designed to give organisations the classroom skills necessary to successfully support autistic talent in the workplace. Our sessions include breakout tasks, mind mapping exercises, debates and quizzes. All with the objective of helping make your organisation an Autism Confident Employer. 


At Advance we work with your organisation to deliver specialist project and consultancy support to make your organisation "Autism Friendly". As part of this process we deliver a suite of packages tailored to your organisational requirements. This can vary from helping setup an Autism Employee Network in your organisation to helping you deliver an "Autism Friendly" talent management strategy. As a specialist Autism Consultancy business our aim is to help your organisation support, develop and recruit autistic talent into your workplace. 

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It was a great pleasure working with Oliver Fenghour from Advance: The Disability Consultants. Shell employees were especially interested to hear Oliver’s personal story, his diagnosis and his experiences, specifically the common workplace challenges that people with autism face.  The session was just the start of our journey to support neurodiversity in the workplace and we look forward to working with Oliver in the future.

Kara Duncombe ER/IR Advisor Shell

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