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At Advance: The Disability Consultants our Neurodiversity HR & Recruitment Workshops are designed to give HR & Recruitment Teams the confidence, knowledge and skills required to support Neurodivergent talent through the employee lifecycle process. Our specialist training sessions focus on the job application process, interviews, employment and talent management and succession planning. All of our sessions include breakout tasks, mind maps, debates and test your knowledge quizzes. Are sessions benefit organisations in the following ways:

  • Training tailored to your organisational requirements and objectives.

  • Support with sourcing, hiring and onboarding Neurodivergent talent into your organisation.

  • Training focused on changing group and individual beliefs, values and attitudes towards Neurodiversity and Neurodivergent people in the workplace. 

  • Support with delivering and implementing a Neurodiversity recruitment strategy in your organisation.

  • Support with the entire employee lifecycle process from job application through to successful employment for a Neurodivergent individual.

At Advance: The Disability Consultants are Neurodiversity workshops are hard-hitting, radical half day classroom based sessions to change the conversation around Neurodiversity in your organisation. Are workshops are practical sessions designed to be fundamentally confronting and empowering for your employees  and are designed to bring about fundamental organisational change towards Neurodiversity in the workplace. All aspects of the sessions require maximum delegate participation as you will all be required to actively participate and nominate employees to lead aspects of the workshops. We offer the following half day Neurodiversity HR & Recruitment Workshops:

  • Neurodiversity & The Trauma Circle.

  • Neurodiversity Real World Interview Training.

  • Neurodiversity and having difficult conversations.

  • Creating Neurodiversity Best Practises.

  • Building Neurodiversity Talent pipelines and Succession Planning.

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