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At Advance: The Disability Consultants are Neurodiversity Ambassador Programme is designed to help organisations identify employees, affiliates and organisational allies to become Ambassadors for Neurodiversity in their workplaces. Each business function will be represented by at least one ambassador who will help support, educate and raise awareness of Neurodiversity within their teams. All organisational Neurodiversity Ambassadors will undergo train the trainer training to help them lead on Neurodiversity training in their business functions and the wider organisation. The Neurodiversity Ambassador programme will ensure that all employees in the workplace are included on this journey. Regardless of whether they are affiliated with Neurodiversity or not. As an organisation we can support your workplace on your journey to becoming Neurodiversity Confident by delivering the following: ​​


  • Free access to all online resources for Neurodiversity Ambassadors and their employers.​

  • Train the Trainer training sessions for Neurodiversity Ambassadors all delivered by an expert by experience of over 25 years who can help deliver training and mentoring support for Neurodivergent employees in their organisation.

  • 1-1 group and individual mentoring for Neurodiversity Ambassadors and Neurodivergent employees.

  • Creation of organisational Neurodiversity Listening and Learning Forum to convey the views of your organisational Neurodiversity population to drive impactful changes in your organisation.


  • Working with the Neurodiversity Ambassadors to deliver  Neurodiversity workshops to all business functions. Ensuring that all business functions and employees are Neurodiversity Confident.

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