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At Advance: The Disability Consultants we believe that a Neurodiversity Friendly workplace allows Neurodivergent Employees the opportunity to maximise and fulfil their potential in a supportive and inclusive environment. As a Neurodiversity consultancy firm our Neurodiversity partnership programmes are uniquely tailored to your organisational requirements. This can vary from the creation of a Neurodiversity Employee Resource Group to delivering a successful Neurodiversity at work programme for your organisation. As a Neurodiversity consultancy provider we offer the following services relating to Neurodiversity in the workplace:
  • Help with workplace surveys and audits to identify how to support Neurodivergent talent in your organisation. 

  • Support with the entire employee lifecycle process from job applications through to successful employment for Neurodivergent individuals.

  • Support with the development and implementation of best practices for changing policies and procedures in your organisation so that they are Neuroinclusive.

  • Supporting with the creation of Neurodiversity Employee Resource Groups and Networks in your organisation to create psychologically safe working environments for all your Neurodivergent employees.

  • 1-1 coaching, mentoring and support for Neurodivergent employees, line managers and c-suite executives in your organisation to ensure that your organisation achieves its objectives of becoming a Neurodiversity Confident Employer. 

  • Support with your performance management strategy and training for all line managers and c-suite executives on how to successfully support Neurodivergent employees in your organisation.

  • Support with the creation of a Neurodiversity at work programme to drive Neurodivergent talent into your organisation.

  • Support with developing playbooks and practical resource guides for Line Managers & Leaders HR & Recruitment teams on how to effectively support Neurodivergent employees in the workplace.

  • Creation of an organisational charter on Neurodiversity which we work with you on to embed into your organisational culture and values.

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