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At Advance: The Disability Consultants are Neurodiversity Leadership and Management Training sessions are designed to help empower C-Suite Leaders in your organisation to help drive and lead change in organisational behaviours, beliefs, attitudes towards Neurodivergent people. Additionally we aim to empower your line managers and C-Suite Leaders to help lead and drive change in ensuring that your recruitment, retention and employee development processes allow Neurodivergent employees in your organisation to actively thrive. We realise for many organisations starting the conversation around Neurodiversity can be daunting. Our Neurodiversity Leadership and Management Training Sessions are designed to ignite conversation and discussion in your organisation whilst encouraging your organisation to create psychologically safe spaces for all employees participating in the training sessions. Are sessions benefit organisations in the following ways:

  • Training tailored to your organisational requirements and objectives.

  • Group and individual mentoring for Leaders and Managers on Neurodiversity in the workplace.

  • Training focused on changing group and individual beliefs, values and attitudes towards Neurodiversity and Neurodivergent people in the workplace. 

  • Creation of a best practice Neurodiversity Charter to support all Neurodivergent employees in your organisation.

  • Creation of a listen and learn forum run by Neurodivergent employees with input and accountability from C-Suite Leadership Teams.

At Advance: The Disability Consultants are Neurodiversity workshops are hard-hitting, radical half day classroom based sessions to change the conversation around Neurodiversity in your organisation. Are workshops are practical sessions designed to be fundamentally confronting and empowering for your employees  and are designed to bring about fundamental organisational change towards Neurodiversity in the workplace. All aspects of the sessions require maximum delegate participation as you will all be required to actively participate and nominate employees to lead aspects of the workshops. We offer the following half day Neurodiversity Leadership and Management Workshops:

  • Creating Neurodivergent Leaders of Tomorrow.​

  • Creating a growth mindset in Neurodivergent Employees.

  • Creating a Neuroinclusive Framework in your organisation.

  • A day in the life of a Neurodivergent Employee.

  • Neurodiversity and Trauma Circle Training for Leaders.

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