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Our Vision

At ADVANCE: THE DISABILITY CONSULTANTS we provide Autism, Dyspraxia and Neurodiversity Lunch & Learn Workshops, designed to start the conversation around Neurodiversity in your organisation. We also offer Neurodiversity HR & Recruitment Workshops to your HR & Recruitment teams which charts the entire employee lifecycle process from job application to successful employment for Neurodivergent Individuals in your organisation. Furthermore, we offer Neurodiversity Leadership and Management workshops to C-suite Leaders and Line Managers in your organisation to give them the confidence, knowledge and skills required to successfully support, manage and develop Neurodivergent talent in your organisation. We also offer a Neurodiversity Ambassador Programme designed to train employees in your organisation to be Neurodiversity champions and buddies in your workplace. Our objective is to empower organisations with the confidence, knowledge and skills required to become  Neurodiversity confident employers. 

Welcome to Advance: The Disability Consultants

Neurodivergent Self-Assessment Toolkit for Employers


Neurodiversity Lunch & Learn Workshops

 Autism Lunch & Learn Workshops

Dyspraxia Lunch & Learn Workshops

Neurodiversity HR & Recruitment Workshops

Neurodiversity Leadership & Management Workshops

Neurodiversity Ambassador Programme

Neurodiversity Consultancy/Projects

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